RoadCamper team in partnership with the main brands of equipments, provides instalation and repairing of your motorhome equipments.
We sell, install and give support after sales to every accessory of your motorhome.


New Euroconnector system, instalations of systems with double control, manage os gas and repair of equipments

Water System

We have innumerous options of water tanks, black water's, drinking water, bathrooms, many dimensions, many brands and we can offer the best option.


We have tools to inspect batterys, consumption meter of AC and DC, as well as all the tools necessary to make a good job of installation / repair.
We install kits of solar energy (solar panels + regulators + batterys), as well as systems to invert / convert 12v to 220 ot 24v to 12v, instalation of battery chargers, parking sensors, video camera, air conditioning, hot air, alarm and many others equipments

Full Services

Metalworking - We have welding machine, cut machine, fresar and apropried material to do a good quality job.
Fibre - We can perform litle reparations on fibre, seal roofs, seal windows, seal skylights and doors.
Tv satellite - We have SAT FINDER equipment to help synchronise the satellite antena, we program new box coordinates as well as new equipment install.
Store - We offer every type of equipment for motor caravans, caravans, mobile homes and yachts.



RoadCamper team has a qualified team with will to help, experience to diagnose, repair and instal equipments in your motor caravan, caravan or mobile home.
In partnership with th official brands of equipments in the market we assist and ensure the servioce after sale.
As John Lennon says - "There are no problems, only solutions."

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